1969 orlando


Hi Lily fans,

I'm absolutely obsessed with Lily Cole, and think she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Her face is so maddeningly perfect-- dainty jawline, tiny chin, small shapely lips, big eyes, fat baby cheeks-- and she has curly red hair and pale skin, a combination I'm mad about. Team it with long, slim legs, big boobs and passions for the environment and human rights and you have a nearly-perfect woman.
But there's a problem-- she's broken my heart so much that the universe has told me to be nasty to her. First she used the word 'schizophrenic' when she meant 'two-faced'. It always enrages me whenever people use that meaning, because that's not what schizophrenia is-- I know, because I suffer from it. (If you want to know, it's a form of severe psychosis characterised by hallucinations [aka hearing things], abnormal thoughts and delusions.) You could imagine how devastated I was that my  one true love hated me with all her heart.
Then she was mentioned on a webpage that I was visiting. I thought that if I was US spelling on that exact webpage that the universe would end, one of my worst fears. Alas, the spelling 'rumors' was there, and I was so mortified that I hit my head with my fist.
Top it off with my delusion that I have to rape her to save the universe (which I really don't want to do-- the raping part, of course) and you have my feelings towards her.
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